Optional Accessories

Phpc01 current booster is specifically designed to supply high compliance voltage even at small current range. It is suitable for testing high burden electromagnetic current relays.

It provides GPS synchronization signal in PPS (pulse per second) or PPM (pulse per minute) for synchronized test. Trigger time can be set for end-to-end test application.

This accessory can work together with PONOVO relay testing device. PSS01 is to be used to simulate the circuit breaker operation to check the relay scheme performance. Complicated software can be avoided by using this simple accessory.

The passive optical scanning head PACB108 detects the status of an LED. That can be an optical pulse output from an energy meter, the binary status of protective relay or other similar optical source.

The PGPS04 is a multi-functional time synchronization device that integrates with GPS time synchronization, IRIG-B outputs (DC-TTL / DC-RS422 / optical), IRIG-B pulse input(DC-TTL / DC-RS422 / fiber), 1PPS/1PPM pulse outputDC- TTL / DC-RS232 / fiber), timing set of whole trigger points, real-time clock auto-generating and other relevant functions.