WiFi Videoscope PCE-WVE 100

WiFi Videoscope for use with iOS and Android devices / 4-Way Camera Head / 1 m Cable Length / 6.5 mm Cable Diameter / Cable IP67
The WiFi videoscope with the 4-way camera head is a versatile tool for visual inspection and image capture in hard-to-reach areas. With a flexible cable length of 1 meter, the WiFi videoscope provides the necessary reach to penetrate tight spaces and capture accurate images.

The WiFi videoscope’s image transmission is done wirelessly via WiFi, allowing easy and convenient connection to iOS and Android devices. Using the corresponding app, you can control functions of the WiFi videoscope, view live images, and record videos. This makes inspection and documentation of hard-to-reach areas extremely efficient.



Leak detector for compressed air lines / operating frequency 40 kHz

The Gas Leak Detector is used to locate leaks on compressed air lines. Furthermore, the Gas Leak Detector can also be used on coolant lines or gas lines for leak detection. The Gas Leak Detector is equipped with an ultrasonic sensor that can precisely detect leaks in air lines. The ultrasound sensor from the Gas Leak Detector works at a frequency of 40 kHz. This means that the Gas Leak Detector is calibrated to the medium frequency that leaks on pressure lines emit. This is in the range between 20 … 80 kHz. A high-pass filter in the leak detector ensures that all noises are filtered at a frequency <40 kHz in order to perform a better leak detection. An integrated amplifier element in the leak detector ensures that the high-frequency tones.



Leakage detection via sound/noise measurement / operating frequency 40 kHz

The leak detector is used in various areas of industry. For example, the leak detector is used on compressed air, gas, steam and vacuum systems, as well as on refrigeration systems and door seals. The working frequency of the leak detector is 40 kHz (± 2 kHz). The soundproof headphones on the leak detector ensure that it can also be used in extremely noisy environments. The leak detector is used wherever gases can escape from leaks in piping systems. The noises caused by the outflow are often in the ultrasonic range and are therefore imperceptible to the human ear.



Gas leak detector for flammable gases / Optical, acoustic and haptic alarm

The gas leak detector PCE-GA 10 is used to check for leaks in gas pipes and connections. This gas leak detector is suitable for many flammable gases. The gas leak detector has 5 LEDs that inform the gas intensity. In addition to the visual information, the gas leak detector has an audible and haptic alarm. This means that, depending on the level, the gas leak detector emits an alarm tone and vibrates at the same time. The leak detector is therefore ideal for detecting sporadic gases. The gas leak detector is therefore of great help to employees who want to inspect plants during a plant tour or inspect engines, supply lines or gas lines. The gas leak detector is supplied with a rechargeable battery.



Gas flammable gas detector / Measured value display up to 10000 ppm

The gas detector PCE-GA 12 is a very easy-to-use measuring device. This gas detector detects combustible gases and emits a vibrating alarm as well as an audible alarm once a combustible gas has been detected by the gas detector. Thanks to the semi-rigid hose on the gas detection device, the sensor can be aligned in almost any position to reach even inaccessible places. This makes the gas detection device an ideal measuring device for employees who want to detect sporadically escaping gases (testing of plants during a tour of the plant, checking engines and supply lines, testing gas supply lines). A manual setting of the gas detector is not necessary as the gas detector automatically calibrates.