Vehicle Mounted

Hit the Road – Inspect – Record

Manual and Automatic inspection systems mounted on vehicles such as motortruck, van, railway testing wagons etc. Operation is either on the move or during a stop. Ideal for inspecting transmission and distribution lines and for electric transportation.

Ofil mounted inspection systems share specific features that guarantee successful inspection

  • Optics that support extended remote inspection
  • Sensors that guarantee detection of corona from the distance
  • Cameras that enable HD recording while on the move
  • Zooming and focusing that are adjustable and powerful, considering the topological conditions
  • Robust systems that can endure challenging ambient conditions and operate continuously
  • Systems that can be integrated with additional technologies
  • Systems that are easy to mount and dismount

Ofil aims at providing hi-end professional testing tools for inspection teams taking into consideration their basic quest for convenience, practicality and performance. Ofil is has a customer oriented attitude and offers tailor made solutions as well as commercial off the shelf .

Vehicle Mounted Inspection System

Models: UV | MS

Inspection is semiautomatic, letting operators the option to configure preset shooting positions and profiles and control recording. DayCor® Ranger HD is remotely controlled by the operator who sits inside the vehicle.  The detecting unit is mounted either on the vehicle roof or elsewhere, depending on the desired viewing angle. Throughout its operation the system streams out high-resolution video that is displayed on a remote monitor in the car and records video clips of corona findings.

Vehicle Mounted Inspection System

DayCor® RailHD is an automatic autonomous corona and arcing partial discharge detection system designed for fast inspection of electrified railways. The system inspects, displays, processes, records and generates reports for prognosis of the electrical traction condition. RAIL HD is offered as a package of one or more UV sensors, a powerful processor bundeled with coronaCatch reporting software.