“The need for Ofil’s testing cameras has always motivated us to bring innovative solutions and find newer technologies to implement in our products, and thereby enhance their performances. We in Ofil believe that our loyal customers appreciate the quality of our products and innovative approach” says Ofil’s CEO, Mr. Moshe Goldbaum.



Compact with Extended Display

DayCor® UVollé-X is a series of compact handheld corona cameras that are equipped with an outstanding sun readable display of 1000 Nits. Users of UVollé hand held cameras benefit from a camera with high sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation, reduced dimensions, affordable price and excellent performance indoors and outdoors.


UVollé-X corona cameras are light in weight, have a slim silhouette and designed to be comfortably handheld.

Cameras operate continuously without overheating and have a rechargeable battery with runtime of more than 4 continuous working hours.

Their sensitivity to Corona discharge is being tested by an external unbiased European laboratory, indicating the ability to detect discharge of 1pC from 10 meters.

Sun readable LCD supports daytime operation in full sun light, while the onboard powerful LED flashlight supports dim and dark inspection conditions.

A powerful optical and digital zoom in combination with the implemented DayCor® technology guarantees seeing both corona partial discharges and the related electrical & mechanical faults.

Ergonomics is achieved through special design features, addressing both hands operation, eyes fatigues and ease of operation. As for example: reduced weight and its dispersion; large backlit function buttons; pictorial readable menu; one hand operation and more.


The X series has 2 models: UVollé-SX and UVollé-VX. Both share the same main functions but differ in their ability to capture and play video clips. UVollé-SX stills camera is the best value for price and is an excellent choice for novices who wish to get acquainted with the advantages of UV inspection. UVollé-VX video camera is an excellent choice of non-destructive testing equipment for predictive and condition based maintenance.


UVollé-X series has additional accessories such as close-up lenses, wide FOV lens, temperature & relative humidity meter, GPS, EPRI’s inspection guide, a flight table and a database software, coronaWise, that uses the data collected by the corona camera into a library.