GWS Series 

  • High efficiency up to 93%
  • Built to meet ErP
  • 41mm height (1U compatible)
  • Convection cooled (250W), Forced air cooled (500W)
  • Standby power draw <0.5watt
  • Peak power capability 120%
  • Output remote programming
  • Designed to meet Class C Harmonics for lighting equipment

NLS Series 

  • High power density
  • With a compact size of 5″x5″x11.25″, NLS Series provide you with high power density for equipments test, industrial process control systems and distribution power acrhitectures!


 VADS Series

  • Wide range of DC-input and output voltage
  • Efficiency up to 90%
  • Series operation, parallel operation (with F option), OCP and OVP protection
  • Options: Remote sense, On/OFF control, N+1 redundancy, fail alarm (relay contact),
    output voltage trim


 LS Series

  • Wide operating temperatures -25°C to +70°C
  • Less than 1mA leakage current
  • Able to withstand 300VAC surge for 5 seconds
  • Low and high voltage full line up (36V is suitable for applications like printer head or LED display panel)
  • Efficiency up to 87%


 HWS Series

  • Small-size
  • High efficiency: 91% (at 150 W, 48V)
  • Improved efficiency at low loads (4% improvement over current HWS series, at 150 W, 48 V), reduced power consumption in standby
  • Available to enter for 2U rack-mount(19inch)
  • Safety-terminal cover for live-electric parts as terminal block, it’s enduring of safety from workers
  • Complete compatibility with current HWS series in external dimensions, electrical specifications, and option lineup, to enable easy replacement

 HWS/HD Series

  • Suitable for rugged environment and heavy duty equipments
  • -40°C~-10°C operating temperatures
  • Coated circuit board
  • Designed to meet MIL-STD-810F (shock and vibration)
  • Safety terminal ”covering current flowing part secures safety for users. 


  HWS/ME Series

  • Medical Standard (EN60601/UL60601) approved
  • Leakage current less than 0.5mA
  • Safety terminal ”covering current flowing part secures safety for users.

   HWS-P Series

  • Up to 3 times peak current.
  • High power in compact size.
  • Low acoustic noise due to automated control fan.
  • Follow HWS series concept.
  • Ideal for drive line load due its high reliability and easy-to-use.

   DLP- Series

  • DIN rail attachment correspondence
  • 87% of electric power conversion efficiency, high electric power density 0.21 W/cm³
  • A sag alarm lamp is equipped standardly.
  • Circumference [ operation ] temperature: -10-50°C of 100% load use are possible.
  • An input-and-output terminal stand prepares two types of a block terminal and a cage European terminal.



No.1 in the world on power density. 
1000W max. AC-DC front end Power Supply packaged on 1U rack size.

  • FPS3000
    3 modules of FPS1000 with 1U shelf. (Max.3kW)
  • FPS1000-□/P Front IEC inlet : optional model 
    (Size WxHxD : 127 x 41 x 294mm)