Transport and Datacom Testing

EXFO is leading the way in next-gen network deployments. At the core of EXFO’s expertise is a full range of test and measurement solutions designed to address our customers’ testing needs and to adapt to their different realities.

High-Performance Transport and Datacom Solutions

Whether for testing legacy DSn/PDH and SONET/SDHCarrier Ethernet or multiservice converged networks, EXFO offers technologically innovative solutions. Customers can therefore accelerate and simplify their day-to-day operations, and ensure that all newly deployed high-speed networks are proven capable of handling demanding services placed on them in the future.



Product Lines


Ethernet Testing

A complete portfolio of modular and handheld testing solutions addressing 10M to 10G LAN/WAN Ethernet testing needs.



From legacy SONET/SDH through next-generation and into multiservice testing needs; see our complete portfolio of handheld and modular testing solutions.


DSn/PDH and Legacy SONET/SDH Testing

Portable testing solutions to test legacy DSn/PDH services.


Fibre Channel Testing

Fibre Channel testing modules to test services carried via DWDM and SONET/SDH networks.


IPTV Testing

For solutions that provide quick test methods to deploy triple-play services, choose from our modules, handhelds and rackmount devices.