Skylight Performance Assurance

Integrated service performance insights for exceptional customer experience

Skylight helps service providers to proactively ensure networks meet increasingly stringent performance requirements, to differentiate their services with high quality of experience, and to optimize network capacity.

Skylight is a fully-virtualized performance assurance platform, delivering end-to-end network, application and service performance visibility— critical insights needed to gain complete control of the customer experience.

A nervous system for networks, Skylight streams high quality performance management data to analytics and machine learning solutions, as well as reporting and orchestration systems, providing full visibility of any issues that may impact customers.

Introducing Skylight Performance Analytics

A single view of service performance – across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures – keeps network and IT operations teams in sync and proactive in delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Performance Sensors: Control

Leading the Virtual Performance Assurance Revolution

Performance Sensors: On-Premises and Cloud

Micro detail. Macro intelligence.

Skylight Orchestrator

Centralized management for Accedian network performance elements and modules


Collect, Analyze & Enforce

Performance modules

Accedian performance modules combine small footprint & pluggable hardware with network functions virtualization (NFV)-powered test control, computation and analysis to bring standards-based performance assurance to all corners of the network. Right-sized for cost-competitive small cell backhaul and broadband business services applications, modules are fully interoperable with third-party test probes and handhelds, as well as standards-based network elements supporting Ethernet OAM (Y.1731, 802.3ag) and Layer 3 TWAMP (RFC-5357) performance monitoring (PM) protocols.

Test and monitoring

Skylight includes agents that can be installed on network elements lacking integrated performance monitoring reflector support. Lightweight and highly customizable, this feature provides full TWAMP-Control & Light support, returning one-way metrics including latency and delay variation.

Performance elements

Accedian’s performance elements fuse ultra-fast, programmable packet processing with performance assurance, optimization and MEF-certified networking. A unique dual-plane FPGA architecture separates traffic conditioning, mapping, filtering and aggregation functions from test & measurement processing.