DURABOOK U11I – Built for All, All in ONE. (NEW !)

Choosing between mutually exclusive I/O interfaces and devices is a thing of the past. The Durabook U11I has it all. Within its extremely compact and rugged exterior, the U11I packs an unprecedented number of productivity features and generous space for further expansion.
  • Superb Performance Built in
  • Quick-Release SSD
  • Detail at a Glance
  • Long Life Power, Hot Swap Battery
  • Rock-Solid and Quiet
  • Endless Expansion Options


DURABOOK R11 – Thin and Light Enterprise-Class Performance (NEW !)

Every inch and detail of the Durabook R11 is designed to maximize the efficiency of professional field workers. The Durabook R11 is only 20mm (0.78″) in height and weighs just 1.2kg (2.7lb), making it the world’s most compact tablet in the fully-rugged class. Adding to its appeal is a smooth, streamlined exterior that complements its tough image.
  • Enterprise-Class Performance
  • Thin-Light and Streamlined
  • Rugged ROCK-SOLID Design
  • Power for the Long Haul
  • High Resolution, Sharp Inside and Out


DURABOOK R11L – Ultra Affordable with Feature-Rich Functionality (NEW !)

The Durabook R11L is built to meet the needs of workers in professions ranging from retail, hospitality, warehousing, logistics and field service. This tablet features a brilliant 11.6” capacitive touchscreen and high-performance, energy-smart Intel® processor for efficient use on the move. The R11L also offers a back camera, optional barcode reader, optional RFID reader and optional smart card reader for seamless data-capture in a slim, light and durable device.

  • Impressive Performance
  • Built Tough
  • Light, Sleek and Strong
  • Brilliant Touch
  • Long Lasting Power
  • Versatile Data Capture