Optical Testing

EXFO’s lab and manufacturing optical testing solutions are optimized for high-performance characterization of the new generation of telecom systems.

Available in modular, scalable platforms, or benchtop instruments, our wide selection of passive/active component and system/subsystem solutions put test and measurement where performance matters—on the production floor.



Product Lines


Tunable filters

Wavelength tunable and bandwidth adjustable optical filters with very steep edges for precise filtering of a channel or even a subdivision of a channel.


Optical component testers

Compact tester for IL and PDL spectral characterization of passive optical components, with 65 dB dynamic range and wavelength accuracy of 5 pm.


OSICS multifunction platform

Modular platform, multifunction platform, Switches, Attenuators, Reflectors, Tunable Lasers, TLS, DFBs, SLD


Power Meters

Power meters are an active part of most test solutions. All of EXFO’s modular (IQS line) and benchtop power meters are built for top performance and pinpoint accuracy, and the various models offer a mixture of features and specifications to suit various test setups.


Light Sources and Amplifiers

Light sources simulate the optical voice, video and data signals of real-life service applications, which is why they are used in various types of tests. Discover a broad range of products that cater to various testing requirements: singlemode or multimode, polarized or non-polarized, broadband or narrowband, tunable, ITU-wavelength-centered and much more.


Variable Attenuators

Variable attenuators are an integral part of most BER testing and EDFA characterization setups. All of EXFO’s modular (IQS line) and benchtop variable attenuators are built for top performance and pinpoint accuracy. Each model offers a distinct set of features and specifications to suit various testing needs.


Switch and Utility Modules

EXFO’s modular optical switches offer a full range of features for bidirectional component testing, ribbon fiber testing, multichannel monitoring, remote and multiple-component testing, signal routing and bypass switching.


Optical Communication Analyzers

In lab and manufacturing environments, R&D engineers require scalable and optimized test solutions to enable them to properly characterize new advanced modulation scheme signals for next-generation, ultra-high-speed telecom networks.


Spectral Testing

Highly accurate, easy-to-use intelligent optical spectrum analyzers (OSAs) for current and next-generation networks.


Bit-Error-Rate Testing

Ideal for CFP2, CFP4, QSFP24 and QSFP28 testing in R&D and production stages, the pB100A4 can also be used as a pseudorandom binary sequence (PRBS) generator and checker during customer presentations and tradeshows.


Optical Benchtop Kits

Optical calibration kits allow manual calibration and verification of power meters, light sources, attenuators and OTDRs.