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Live fiber detection

EXFO’s handheld live fiber detectors don’t disrupt traffic, nor damage or over-stress fibers, enabling efficient, accurate and reliable data acquisition. Pinpoint live and dark fibers and avoid unnecessary manipulations, saving time and eliminating guesswork.


LFD-300B/TG-300B FiberFinder – live fiber identifier/tone generator

Enables technicians to identify a specific live fiber without having to disconnect it and, above all, without having to guess. The end result: no more network outages caused by inadequate fiber detection or identification, and a minimized need to access the network, helping to prevent errors.



LFD-250B – live fiber detector

Introduces step-motor-activated bending and makes fixed-angle bending—and its drawbacks—a thing of the past.




LFD-200 – live fiber detector

Allows you to detect traffic and measure signals anywhere on singlemode fibers without having to disconnect them.