100M Network Adapters

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2712FX Series

Fast Ethernet, PCIe Fiber Adapter, Secure

An ideal solution for government, education or other networks dependent on highly secure capabilities.


2711 Series

Fast Ethernet, PCIe Fiber Adapters

Our Fast Ethernet Fiber PCI-Express Network Adapters provide the ultimate solution for upgrading to PCI-Express.

1G & 10G Network Adapters

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2914 Series

Gigabit, PCIe Fiber Adapters with WoL

The Allied Telesis 2914 Series Network Adapters feature a PCI Express (PCIe x1) design, combining maximum possible bandwidth and PCI bus efficiency with the benefits of low-power consumption. They are the only Gigabit 1000SX fiber adapter with Wake-on-LAN (WoL) support completely through the PCI bus.

2912T Series

Gigabit, PCIe, Copper Adapter, Secure

How secure is your data transmission?




2911GP Series

Gigabit, PCIe Adapter, PoE+, Dual Port

Power a VoIP phone or other coppered powered device from your desktop PC.



2911 Series

Gigabit, PCIe Fiber & Copper Adapters

For the maximum possible bandwidth and bus efficiency with the lowest power consumption.


ANC10S Series

10 Gigabit, PCIe, SFP+ Adapter, Dual Port

This next-generation PCI-Express 10 Gigabit Network Adapter is ideal for virtualization and high-performance computing.