LinkRunner AT Network Auto-Tester


Key features include:

  • Multiple user-configured AutoTests
  • Cable length measurement, fault location and fault type
  • TruePower™ Power over Ethernet (PoE) measurement
  • Ethernet speed and duplex verification at 10/100/Gigabit rates
  • Twisted pair and fiber-optic link testing
  • Nearest switch identification
  • DHCP, DNS and Gateway connectivity tests
  • Ping and TCP port connectivity tests to up to 10 user-selected targets
  • Results saved on the tester or uploaded to the Link-Live Cloud Service with zero-touch
  • Results, project and staff management using the Link-Live Cloud Service
  • Packet reflection at rates up to 1 Gbps


The LinkRunner AT provides the answers you need to quickly troubleshoot connectivity problems:

  • Am I following the best troubleshooting practice?
  • Is this patch cable good? Where is the cable broken?
  • Where does the cable from this jack terminate?
  • Is this the correct switch and port? Is it delivering PoE power?
  • What is the speed and duplex of my copper and fiber links?

In seconds, the LinkRunner AutoTest provides these answers and more on a brightly colored display that’s easy to read under desks or outdoors. You can document your test results to prove the job’s done right. With a six-hour battery life and rugged design, the LinkRunner AT Network Auto-Tester can work wherever and whenever you need it.