GUIDE IR236S: Infrared Body Temp Screening System

Non-intrusive and wide area efficient inspection & measurement system

IR236S Infrared Body Temp Screening System can monitor large-area even in crowded places to detect the fever people immediately, such as indicating possible presence of the fatal virus, such as SARS, Zika, Ebola and other human fever symptoms. IR236 IR fever sensing system is easy to operate and reliable, and a variety of alarm settings enable multi-point alarm and tracking to ensure that no targets are missed and also avoid the interference of other high temperature objects. Alarm images and video can also be uploaded to the monitoring center by the remote monitoring network for analysis and management. IR236 is the ideal equipment for security protection at airports, inspection and quarantine, and epidemic prevention departments.
IR236E: IR Fever Sensing System1.png Find the fever people precisely and alarm automatically

· With advanced infrared thermal imaging technology, inspect wide and large area flowing crowds, distinguish those who with elevated temperature and alarm immediately

Razor-sharp visual and thermal imaging

· It is used UFPA 384*288 pixels detector and digital signal transmission, keeps delivering razor-sharp thermal imaging video and visual video

IR236E: IR Fever Sensing System2.png
IR236E: IR Fever Sensing System3.png Real-time high-frequency data capture transmission and storage

· With digital signal transmission and 25Hz PAL/NTSC frame frequency, it could capture real-time video and display without any delay

· Powerful software management and analysis functions

Precise single point and multi-point high temperature automatic tracking alarm

· Intelligent object differentiation avoiding false alarm and interference

· It alarms to the person’s face if with high temperature, and will never be affected by other high-temperature small objects like cigar or hot food

· Face recognition detection function

· Low temperature detection and tracking device alarm function

IR236E: IR Fever Sensing System4.png