HIOKI is pleased to announce the launch of the Current Probe CT6710 and CT6711. Both products provide three ranges (30 A, 5 A, and 0.5 A) to facilitate observation of waveforms representing currents as large as 30 A or as small as several hundred microamperes. This capability makes the probes ideal for observing current waveforms under a variety of operating conditions, including inrush currents, micro currents, and high-speed currents.

3 Full Ranges of 30 A, 5 A, And 0.5 A Deliver an Expansive Current Measurement Spectrum

Monitor current under a broad range of operating conditions from 0.5 to 30A. Simply press the RANGE key on the termination box to toggle between ranges, and analyze everything from sudden inrush to slow moving consumption current, down to micro currents of low energy devices, all with a single device.

Built-in Function to Protect Against Excessive Input

When input exceeds the rated value, a warning indicator flashes to signal a warning. In addition, if you select the incorrect range and then input a current signal that is above the rated current for that range, this function protects the instrument from damage due to overheating. Caution: Input currents that exceed the frequency derating for the 30 A range may cause measurement circuit damage before the protection function kicks in.

High Signal-to-Noise (S/N) Ratio

Observe waveforms as they are without needing to rely on your oscilloscope’s filter settings and averaging function. The 10V/A output rate is 10 times the traditional 1V/A rate of legacy products, allowing you to improve the oscilloscope’s voltage sensitivity by a factor of 10, thereby enhancing the S/N ratio of the scope itself to deliver much clearer waveforms.