GUIDE XT236 Infrared Body Temperature Screening System
Virus Control Guarder, Star Product
GUIDE XT236 Infrared Body Temperature Screening System can be used for large-scale temperature monitoring in crowded public places to detect the fever people immediately, such as rapid screening of Novel Coronavirus, SARS, Zika, Ebola and other people fever symptoms.

GUIDE XT236 is user-friendly and reliable. A variety of alarm settings enable multi-point alarm and tracking to ensure no targets will be missing and also avoid the interference of other high temperature objects. Alarm images and video can also be uploaded to the monitoring center by the remote monitoring network for analysis and management. GUIDE XT236 is the effective equipment to reduce and prevent the risk of virus transmission at the airport, railway stations and other transport hubs.

GUIDE XT236 Infrared Body Temperature Screening System

Application field: 

Thermography | nspection and quarantine



IR236系列 智能型红外人体体温检测系统1.png

IR236系列 智能型红外人体体温检测系统3.png


IR236系列 智能型红外人体体温检测系统4.jpg



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Find the fever people precisely and alarm automatically

· With advanced infrared thermal imaging technology, high accuracy (≤0.3℃), can screen wide and large area flowing crowds, distinguish those who with elevated temperature and alarm immediately



Intergrate visual and thermal imaging, Excellent monitoring effect

· With UFPA 384*288 pixels detector and digital signal transmission, keeps delivering razor-sharp thermal imaging video and visual video



Precise single point and multi-point high temperature automatic tracking alarm

· Intelligent object differentiation avoiding false alarm and interference

· It alarms to the person’s face if with high temperature, and will never be affected by other high-temperature small objects like cigar or hot food

· Face recognition detection function

· Low temperature detection and tracking device alarm function



Tipical Application Cases:

·12th Feb., 2016 the first Zika virus infected case being detected through Guide infrared body temp screening system in Guangzhou Baiyun Airport.

17th May, 2017 a passenger carrying normal human immunoglobulin was seized by a GUIDE infrared body temp screening system in Shunde port

25th Sep., 2019 54 sets of Guide infrared body temp screening System being installed in Beijing Daxing International Airport.



PS:After Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia outbreak, in order to provide the effective product as soon as possible there may be multiple styles of product appearance under the premise of ensuring functions and performance.

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