GUIDE M400A IR Fever Warning Systems
GUIDE M400A IR Fever Warning Systems are applied for large-scale body temperature monitoring in crowded public places, such as rapid detection of human fever caused by Novel Coronavirus, SARS, Zika, Ebola. GUIDE M400A adopts a hanging-type design, which is flexible and convenient to operate, stable and reliable. Multiple warning settings can realize multi-point warning and tracking to ensure no missing warning.







Higher efficiency on temperature detection

Temperature screening for multiple people at the same time, no need to stop.


More safe, temperature screening from 2~8 meters away

Thermal imaging for long-range temperature detection up to 8 meters away, no risk of infection caused by close contact (the picture below shows the comparison of the IR thermometer gun and GUIDE infrared fever screening system)


Automatic warning, photo capturing and storage while detecting the fever people

Automatic warning, photo capturing and storage while detecting the fever people, greatly reducing the workload of the operator. And historical data can be checked repeatedly for easy recording and tracking


AI algorithm, no false warning

Thanks to deep learning algorithm based on neural network, and a large number of practical application cases in the past 20 years, ensure fast and accurate temperature detection without false and missing warning


Intelligent, automatically detect faces

AI face detection algorithm, which can recognize even when wearing a mask, can accurately measure forehead temperature without interference from other high temperature objects


  • Hanging-type, convenient and flexible, can be hung to the security gate
  • Adopts 400×300 infrared uncooled Vox detector
  • AI Deep learning algorithm based on neural network, more accurate temperature measurement and lower false warning rate
  • Accurate single-point and multi-point high temperature auto tracking and warning
  • Equipped with black body, real-time temperature calibration, higher accuracy
  • Face recognition detection function, more intelligent



  • Large-scale temperature screening of airports, railway stations and more.
  • Control and reduce the spread of virus with fever symptom, such as Ebola, SARS and Zika, Novel Coronavirus…