FIP 435B

Fully Automated Wireless Fiber Inspection Probe

By combining unmatched ease of use and WiFi connectivity along with the flexibility and portability of Android™ and iOS smart devices, EXFO is removing the last roadblocks in connector certification and making testing simple and headache-free. With the FIP-435B, there is nothing restricting your field crews from following fiber-testing best practices and eradicating faulty connector issues impacting the performance of your network.

  • No matter your fiber testing experience, simply connect the probe and let it do all the work.
  • Screenless, single-handed operation means smartphone stays in your pocket. LED indicator quickly communicates results.
  • Use your smart device to sync with operator database and comply with existing workflow and processes.
  • Connector endface pass/fail analysis based on industry standards (IEC, IPC). No room for results misinterpretation.
  • Onboard rechargeable battery supporting a full-day of inspection and preventing your smart device to drain its charge.

Everyone working on your network—regardless of background or skill level—can be equipped with the FIP-435B and perform first-  level troubleshooting tasks, thus addressing the most common source of problems. Whenever problems arise in whichever type  of fiber network deployed—FTTx, central offices, private networks, data centers, and more—fiber connectors are the first critical  elements to validate. With the FIP-435B’s 100% automated test sequence, validating the health status of connector endfaces is  now a fast and easy one-step process. Install the ConnectorMax2 mobile application on an Android or iOS device and turn anyone’s  smartphone or tablet into a fully-fledged fiber inspection solution, without compromising on functionality or accuracy of test results.



During fiber-to-the-antenna (FTTA) installation, operators and infrastructure owners have to hire  climbing specialists to mount towers and install the fibers and connect the remote-radio-heads  (RRH). This is a costly endeavour. Crews usually familiar with copper or RF technology don’t  always have the required fiber-testing background and it is difficult to carry bulky equipment  up the towers.

Thanks to a fully automated test process, the FIP-435B helps close the technology gap,  reduces the number of climbs required and streamlines the work needed at the top of the  tower. The device’s automatic focus adjustment feature delivers optimal image capture  resolution while its focus protection feature prevents any risk of false positive results, ensuring  technicians won’t have to climb the same mountain twice.

Moreover, it enables tower climbers to leave their phones in their pockets, relying only on the  LED pass/fail Indicator to get an immediate analysis result based on industry standards. With  no heavy platform or phone to handle, the probe can be operated with just one hand, allowing  them to concentrate on the task at hand and reach hard-to-access locations more easily.


The FIP-435B is a true wireless solution. The live video feed is streamed via WiFi without any  wired connection between the probe and the smart device or any need for a cumbersome  external battery pack. This greatly improves functional design and eliminates the risk of  damaging your smart device by accidentally pulling a wire while manipulating the inspection  tool. With its unmatched automation, simplified test ergonomics and pure freedom of  operation, the FIP-435B makes technicians lives much easier and facilitates the adoption  of best practices.

Moreover, you can benefit from smart device connectivity in any location, allowing you to sync results and reports to cloud servers  via email or other communication means available through your smart device.