Milliohm Meter PCE-MO 2002

(Milliohm Meter with ruggedized and waterproof carrying case. With highly accurate measurement range)

This Milliohm Meter comes with a housing protected against water intrusion. With the Milliohm Meter PCE-MO 2002 Series you can measure from 100 μΩ up to 2000 Ω. With this Milliohm Meter measurement values are displayed by means of a LCD display with 3.5 digits and a good readability. Milliohm Meter detect the measurement value, a constant current is mated on the object is going to be measured and then the voltage drop is tested. It allows to measure resistance in coils, generators, transformers, parallel and secondary circuits, commutators and relays. It measures binding energy in planes, rail systems, boats and electrical installations in both industry and home. It allows continuity tests in circularly systems (ring network) in industry and home. To test compression elements in airlines, testing works and maintenance of electric cupboards and elements such as fuses, connectors, and contacts. It comes calibrated from the manufacturer and an optional laboratory calibration and ISO certificate can be ordered separately for annual recalibrations.