DayCor® ROMpact & DayCor® Swift


DayCor® ROMpact & DayCor® Swift are OEM imagers fit for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), for small gimbal payloads, and for monitoring 24/7 mounted on steady mount. Their compact dimensions make ROMpact & Swift in particular ideal for small aircrafts and for UAVs.

ROMpact & Swift OEM imagers incorporate DayCor’s core technology and are therefore fit for high speed flight and remote detection of corona.


  • Set for high speed inspection
  • Auto focus of the UV and Visible channels
  • Digital video output
  • Bi-Spectral solar blind UV-Visible
  • High performance that matches flight conditions
  • Accurately pinpoints sources of: audio noise, radio/TV interference, micro arcing, corona and arcing
  • UV events counting
  • Rigid and enduring encapsulation
  • Fit for most mounts and payloads configurations
  • Wired and wireless remote controllable (ROMpact)
  • Video streaming
  • Optional wide field of view lenses (Swift)
  • Adaptable to customers’ needs


  • High sensitivity to UV signals of corona & arcing
  • Light weight and compact dimension
  • OEM component, adaptable to customers’ configurations


As a block camera, ROMpact or Swift can match any gimbal size and shape and any mount configuration including drones of small sizes. Installation is simple and standard. Systems can be dismantled after use.


Streaming findings to a remote monitor provides an advantageous immediate view of the emitted corona and the emitting objects. The systems can either be used as a stand alone camera or in combination with other imaging devices such as IR and HD.


A rigid stabilizing plate keeps the systems securely attached to their seats letting the payload stabilization system gain full control.