DayCor® Ranger is a pan&tilt vehicle mounted inspection solution for driven practices. Ranger benefits from the unique capabilities of DayCor® in combination with optional additional supreme sensors, such as infrared & HD, and a durable, full featured, high-speed pan/tilt unit.

Ranger guarantees the highest ultraviolet (UV) detection sensitivity coupled with data achieved from other sensors. The stabilizing mount guarantees smooth and sharp video clips of the inspected area with GPS data and corona severity indications.

Ranger is the most reliable scanning system that provides pinpointed display of corona and its emitting sources. The system is controlled and operated remotely from within the vehicle using a joystick with pre-set positions and a consolidating controlling notebook for all imagers.


  • Corona detection outstanding sensitivity
  • Rapid zoom of the visible channel
  • Auto focus of UV and Visible channels
  • Consolidated control for multiple sensors
  • Durable notebook with 14″ outdoor readable display
  • Video recording with audio & GPS
  • Single or multi sensors payload
  • Durable, full featured, high-speed pan/tilt unit


  • Perfect for long distance and remote inspection
  • Extended yet comfortable working hours
  • Immediate results with playback of the captured findings
  • Multi system inspection streamlines inspection procedures and reduces manpower costs


APS team spots trouble on the move/April 09, 2010, BY STEPHANIE A. WILKEN – SUN STAFF WRITER

“.. The team, along with seven members of the predictive maintenance team, found 15 problems in the Yuma area last week. Three were major, meaning they could become a bigger problem if a larger load was forced on the system. Some of those minor problems could be earthquake-related, Alford said.
During their time here, they’ll cover the entire Yuma area, including Somerton and San Luis. Finding problems like this are especially important with the summer temperatures. Anytime you have any kind of wire or conductor get warm enough, it could go right to the ground and there’s a potential failure,” he said.
APS spokeswoman Andrea Bereznak said the summertime, when the load is greater with more people using more power, could potentially cause an outage that workers wouldn’t be able to detect until it happened. The new technology helps prevent that. “This way we look at it and see what equipment is slightly stressed and change it out,” she said.
That proactive approach has already saved the company $12 millionin the past 11 years. By proving it’s well worth the investment, the company built the new Suburban ..”(

“.. In 2001, SDG&E purchased a daytime corona camera to improve patrol reliability. The corona camera also effectively identifies insulator contamination caused by salt deposits. The thermographer combines the corona camera with the infrared camera on the pan/tilt head on the roof of the van. By using this corona technology, the thermographer identifies areas of concern and investigates the components to determine if their life expectancy has been compromised. To further identify components compromised by corona, SDG&E invested in a gimbal that has a corona camera and mounted it on the helicopter..” (