DayCor® Rail


DayCor® Rail is a fully automatic stand alone corona inspection systems dedicated to railway. Rail incorporates the DayCor® daytime corona detection and reporting system in a ruggedized structure. It is designed for high speed automatic detection of corona & arcing, capture of videos and images, and on-the-fly reporting.


Detected corona events are recorded and processed automatically by Ofil’s CoronaCatch application, that segregates corona events from non corona events and attaches to each event its specific meta information, including: GPS, ambient conditions and severity.


Ofil’s CoronaCatch uses the processed information to generate reports that are compatible with Ofil’s Corona-Base Reporting Software. [Registered Patent EP1112459B1]


  • A complete inspection tool with the most sensitive Visible-UV bi-spectral detection apparatus and absolute solar blind performance.
  • Rail performs accurately and reliably in high speed of up to 200km/h, without smearing the image and with high pinpointing resolution.
  • Positioning and ambient condition data embedded automatically
  • Automatic corona detection
  • Automatic post inspection reporting
  • Full Automatic focus for both UV and Visible channels
  • Automatic blob counting and display for evaluation of the corona strength
  • Automatic video recording & storing
  • UV only, Visible only and Combined UV + Visible modes


  • Control and manage railway reliability
  • Streamline maintenance costs and task force
  • Immediate results
  • Most appropriate to evaluate washing efficiency


Railway inspection for corona and arcing is an important procedure in securing reliable transportation, where the public safety is concerned.

Corona & arcing are intermittent phenomena with a typical repetition rate, and therefore are tricky to observe. The faster you ride the greater is the chance to miss a problematic spot. Scanning at lower speed yields more detailed information but the covered distance decreases.