DayCor® aviROM – UAS

“We need to have systems that can collect a large amount of data and cover a large territory. So we’re seeing the unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) as a step forward for us to be able to collect that imagery and get better information on our systems.
…it allows us to find parts or pieces that are wearing out and then we can proactively replace before we have a problem with them. It ensures our electric reliability 
… it allows us to get digital information about our systems…” 
Director of System Sustainability and the Transmission Group for Xcel Energy, USA



aviROM is an aerial inspection system mounted on UAV – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Comprised of a UAV, a UV Camera & Remote controls. aviROM implements the latest technological developments of aviation on the hand and corona detection, on the other. The system provides a cost-effective inspection solution with excellent maneuvering. aviROM can fly autonomously along predetermined routes. A special “Follow Mode” feature enables continuous inspection of a selected target even when flight directions change. Ofil’s aviROM can lift heavy payloads, fly long distances and is optimized for easy and effective flight planning. The UAV is foldable, fits into a car trunk, easy to carry, assemble and operate. The aircraft can fly continuously 30 minutes to a distance of 1.5km and reach altitudes of 150m above ground. aviROM has auto takeoff & landing, excellent maneuverability and outstanding safety features.


  • Implements the latest technologies
  • Autonomous flight
  • Compact and light weight
  • Follow Mode
  • Can lift heavy payloads
  • Fly long distances
  • Optimized for easy and effective flight planning
  • Foldable
  • Auto takeoff & landing
  • Excellent maneuverability
  • Outstanding safety features
  • Autopilot with internal movement unit
  • GPS positioning, barometer and digital datalink
  • 360° movement on pan/tilt
  • Automatic parachutes
  • Ensured Return to Home (RTH)
  • DayCor® Technology inside – Highest sensitivity to UV
  • High gain optimized antenna
  • Adaptable to customers’ needs


  • Drones can cover milages just like helicopters, however they can inspect hard to reach sites
  • Get high resolution photos, up close
  • Safe inspections
  • Provides a cost-effective inspection solution
  • Easy to carry, fits into a car trunk
  • The high sensitivity to UV ensures reliable corona detection
  • Follow-Mode guarantees continuous inspection of objects during modified flight angles
  • Optimized for georeferenced photogrammetry
  • Video streaming of findings throughout the flight
  • High gain optimized antenna supports long distance communications and optimized video transmission and recording
  • Minimize environmental impact


High sensitivity to UV enables detection and capture of distant corona discharge during high speed flights of 10m/s without smearing the output image and without missing corona events. A “Follow-Mode” feature guarantees inspecting the designed objects while changing flying directions.


Autopilot with internal movement unit, GPS positioning, barometer and digital datalink, waypoints programmed route optimized for georeferenced photogrammetry.


8 high performance brushes engines and high efficiency carbon propellers. Foldable carbon fiber frame for easy transportation.


Based on brushless encoded motors technology, Avional 7075 frame and rotating electrical “slip” links. Automatic positioning Vertical and Zero front view. 3600 movement on pan/tilt.


Recorded video clips have radiometric data of: corona, hot spots, geographic positioning, date & time and text and/or voice annotations.


Implementing DayCor® technology, aviROM’s UV camera performs as a fully solar blind camera allowing operation in daylight conditions


Implementing DayCor® technology, aviROM’s UV camera performs as a fully solar blind camera allowing operation in daylight conditions


Easy to use Remote Radio Control system, manual or assisted mode. Images and preview of the flight and of the sensors’ output are displayed on the LCD. High gain optimized antenna supports long distance communications and optimized video transmission and recording.


“.. When most industry professionals think about drones, they envision a small, toy-like object with multiple blades hovering around their infrastructure, recklessly maneuvering for the pilot’s enjoyment, or worse, for nefarious reasons. Often the thought immediately conjured up is of damaged electrical transmission lines or poles, damaged pipelines, gas leaks, or worse. Instead, they should envision cost savings, improved understanding of asset health, and increased safety and compliance. Energy companies, utilities, and others have already adopted the use of these unmanned aircraft, with the use of these aircraft and their sensors continuing to steadily increase to more accurately understand infrastructure and to do so in three-dimensional space…” Read more..

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