Cleaning Fluids and Sprays

You can’t get clean fiber with dirty alcohol, so the Sticklers™ team invented a whole line of cleaning fluids, of which the Fiber Optic Splice and Connector Cleaner is the most popular. These all are nonflammable, ultra-pure, fast-drying and spill-proof, which makes cleaning fast and easy. No water and no alcohol, because those are bad choices for cleaning fiber optics.

Sticklers™ Fiber Optic Splice & Connector Cleaner Fluid

This Sticklers fiber optic splice and connector cleaner is a better, safer IPA replacement

MultiTask Surface Cleaner Presaturated Wipes

Sticklers MultiTask™ Presaturated Wipes are a mild cleaner  

Optical Grade Particle and Dust Remover

Optical Grade Particle and Dust Remover for abrasion-free cleaning of inaccessible areas

Icky Pic Cleaner — Sticklers Adhesive and Cable Gel Remover Pen

Sticklers Icky Pic Cleaner easily removes stubborn adhesives and messy gels

CleanBlast™ HFE-Based Cleaning Fluid

The CleanBlast Cleaning Fluid is for both the benchtop and portable CleanBlast™ systems

Optixx™ Lens Cleaner and Instrument Cleaner Kit

Optixx Lens Cleaner cleans and protects lenses of all kinds