Blue Gizmo Brix Meter Model: BG-810

Blue Gizmo Meat Thermometer Model: BG-GA-1

Make sure your roast is cooked to perfection with meat thermometer. It is specifically designed to measure the temperature of meat. The meat thermometer ranges from 54°C to 88°C and it also have the different type of meat cooking temperature indicator on the thermometer. Stainless Steel Probe Length 200 mm and Stainless Steel Clip

Blue Gizmo Coffee Thermometer Model: BG-GA-2

Brewing a perfect cup of coffee is an exercise of consistency and precision, this why a coffee thermometer is a the necessary item for any true barista. A thermometer lets you know exactly what the temperature of water is and when your coffee is at the best temperature for consumption.


Measuring Range: -10 ~ 100°C Stainless Steel Probe length 200 mm

Blue Gizmo Deep Fry Thermometer Model: BG-GA-3

Blue Gizmo Oven Thermometer Model: BG-GA-4

When it come to baking, an oven thermometer help prevent hot spots and wonky temperatures from affecting our recipes. Temperature ranges from 50°C to 300°C and colour-coded indicator the temperature guide for fast reading. Adjust and get the temperature just right with this easy to use Blue Gizmo Oven Thermometer.


Measuring Range : 50°C to 300°C Colour coded temperature guide for fast reading