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Printed Circuit Assembly Accessories Product Content

1. SMT Printing Accessories

A) Understencil Cleaning Roll
B) Stencil Cleaning Sheet

C) Metal squeegee & Holder D) Polyurethane squeegee

2. Cleaning Solution

3. PCBA Assembly Accessories

A) Reflow Oven and Wave Solder Cleaner (Aqueous)
B) Pallet Cleaning (Aqueous)

C) Stencil Cleaning Solutions (Aqueous)
D) Epoxy and Adhesive Cleaner

4.Printed Circuit Assembly Accessories Product Content

A) Diamond Cut Router Bits B) Magic resin (FPC)
C) BGA Sphere
D) Thermal Transfer Ribbon
E) Surface Protection tape
F) Polyimide Tape
G) Conductive Grid Tape

5.Wave Solder Chemical A) Anti Oxidant Pellet (reduction of dross in wave solder)

6. Equipment

A) Soldersaver (for dross recovery)
B) ROHS Validator (ROHS compliance verification)
C) BGA Inspection Scope
D) Non Contact Solder Paste Measurement System
E) Handheld microscope F) Magnifying Lamp
H) Magazine Rack I) Tension Gauge (inspection of stencil) G) LED Ring Lamp

7.Miscellaneous A) Lubricants (high temperature) B) Lubricants (for SMT machine)

C) Solder Iron Tip Cleaning Wool D) Splice Tape & Clip E) SMT Nozzle & Feeders

A) Diamond Cut Router Bits B) Magic resin (FPC)
A) Wrist Strap
B) ESD Dispensing Bottle