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Fluke 1735

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Introducing a Simple 3-Phase Power Logger from the Leader in Power Quality.

The Fluke 1735 Power Logger is the ideal electrician or technician’s tool for conducting energy studies and basic power quality logging. Set the 1735 up in seconds with the included flexible current probes and color display. The 1735 logs most electrical power parameters, harmonics and captures voltage events.

Fluke 1735

Fluke 1750 Three-Phase Power Recorder

Record three-phase power quality and monitor for power quality disturbances with the new Fluke 1750 Power Recorder and the Fluke Power Analyze software. These power meters automatically record every power quality parameter and event, on every cycle - all the time.


Long-term analysis: Uncover hard-to-find or intermittent issues; monitor critical equipment, capturing power quality events to correlate with equipment malfunction
Power quality surveys: Quantify power quality throughout a facility, documenting results with professional reports
Quality of service compliance: Validate incoming power quality at the service entrance

Equipment Installation/Commissioning:
Benchmark: power system prior to install to insure quality of service

Fluke 1760

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Fluke 1760 Three-Phase Power Quality Recorder Topas

Class-A compliance for the most demanding power quality tests
The Fluke 1760 Three-Phase Power Quality Recorder is fully compliant to IEC 61000-4-30 Class-A, for advanced power quality analysis and consistent compliance testing. Designed for analysis of utility and industrial power distribution systems, in medium- and low-voltage networks, this power quality monitor provides the flexibility to customize thresholds, algorithms, and measurement selections. The 1760 power recorder captures the most comprehensive details on user-selected parameters.


Detailed disturbance analysis
- Perform high-speed transient analysis and uncover root cause of equipment malfunction for later mitigation and predictive maintenance. The fast transient option, with its 6000 V measurement range, allows capture of very short impulses such as lightning strikes.

Class-A quality-of-service compliance
- Validate incoming power quality at the service entrance. Thanks to Class A compliance, the Fluke 1760 allows undisputable verification.

Event correlation at multiple locations
- Utilizing GPS time synchronization, users can quickly detect where a fault occurred first, either inside or outside the facility.

Galvanic separation and DC coupling
- Allows complete measurements on dissimilar power systems. For example troubleshoot UPS systems by simultaneously recording the battery voltage and power output.

Power quality and power load studies
- Assess baseline power quality to validate compatibility with critical systems before installation and verify electrical system capacity before adding loads.

Fluke Norma 4000 / 5000

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Fluke Norma 4000/5000 High Precision Power Analyzers

Reliable, highly accurate measurements for the test and development of power electronics

The compact Fluke Norma Series Power Analyzers provide the latest measurement technology to assist engineers with the development and testing of motors, inverters, lighting, power supplies, transformers and automotive components.

Based on a patented, high-bandwidth architecture, the instruments deliver high-precision measurements of single or three-phase current and voltage, harmonics analysis, Fast Fourier

Transformation (FFT) analysis, as well as calculations of power and other derived values.

The Series consists of the Fluke Norma 4000 Three-Phase Power Analyzer and the Fluke Norma 5000 Six-Phase Power Analyzer.

These rugged, high-precision analyzers provide unmatched price performance for easy and reliable use in the field, or as a bench unit in laboratories and on test benches.


· Electric motors and inverter drive systems - Through detailed spectrum analysis and dynamic torque calculation capabilities, switching losses caused by the inverter are accurately measured, and a thorough evaluation is made of torque transients and harmonics at higher frequencies. ·

Inverter drive system - Simultaneous measurement of all electrical and mechanical power parameters in the same time window enables users to observe the influence one component has on another, or on the whole system. ·

Lighting systems - A wide bandwidth of up to 10 MHz and a high sampling rate up to 1 MHz provide detailed signal analysis at ballast outputs. A unique shunt technique enables power measurements at very high frequencies. Simultaneous measurement of input and output power provides instant calculation of ballast losses. ·

Transformers - Synchronous six-phase power measurements enable highly accurate efficiency and loss calculations of large power transformers even at very low power factors. Synchronous multiphase resistance measurements of transformer coils are also possible.

Automotive - Synchronous electrical input and mechanical output measurements provide complete data on the efficiency and losses of individual components as well as the whole drive system.

Fluke VR1710

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Fluke VR1710 Voltage Quality Recorder

The Fluke VR1710 Power Quality Recorder, is a single-phase, plug-in voltage quality recorder that offers an extremely easy-to-use solution for detecting and recording power quality problems, allowing for immediate action and less downtime. The VR1710 single phase recorder satisfies the needs of maintenance and facilities management personnel in industrial, utilities, and large service organizations where reliable power quality is essential to the operation of the business. Power quality parameters including RMS average, transients, flicker, and harmonics up to the 32nd are recorded using a user-selected average period from 1 seconds to 20 minutes.

Fluke 43-B

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Get control of power problems

The Fluke 43 Power Quality Analyzer performs the measurements you need to maintain power systems, troubleshoot power problems and diagnose equipment failures. All in a rugged handheld package.

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Fluke 430 Series Three-phase Power Quality Analyzers

Pinpoint power quality problems faster, safer and in greater detail Fluke has an unrivalled range of power quality analyzers to help you maintain high-quality power systems. The tools give you the power to analyze every parameter, powerrelated event or anomaly faster, safer and in more detail than ever before. The Fluke 435 and 434 three-phase power quality analyzers help you locate, predict, prevent and troubleshoot problems in power distribution systems. These easy-to-use handheld tools have many innovative features to give you the details to pinpoint problems faster and safer.

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Fluke 1740 Series Three-Phase Power Quality Loggers Memobox

Power quality logging is easy with a compact and rugged Fluke power meter

The Fluke 1740 Series three-phase power quality loggers are everyday power meters for technicians who troubleshoot and analyze power quality issues. Capable of simultaneously logging up to 500 power parameters for up to 85 days and monitoring for events, these power loggers help uncover intermittent and hard-to-find power quality issues. The included PQ Log software quickly assesses the quality of power at the service entrance, substation, or at the load, according to the latest EN50160 standard.


Disturbance analysis
- Uncover root cause of equipment malfunction for later mitigation and predictive maintenance

Quality of service compliance
- Validate incoming power quality at the service entrance

Power quality studies
- Assess baseline power quality to validate compatibility with critical systems before installation

Load studies
- Verify electrical system capacity before adding loads

Energy and power quality assessment
- Validate performance of facility improvements by quantifying energy consumption, power factor, and general power quality before and after improvements