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ofiledaycoreNDT - non destructive testing imaging systems, developed, designed and manufactured by Ofil using proprietary UV BandPass technology - the DayCor ® Technology. Systems are designed to be carried and operated while in foot patrol. Ideal for inspecting transmission lines and distribution lines and big substations; Ideal for service companies.

Ofil's range of airborne daytime corona detection systems:

DayCor® ROM
DayCor® Rom is a gyro stabilized airborne inspection system. The imaging system includes the DayCor® corona camera with combinations of a High Definition TV camera and a range of IR cameras. All cameras used are of the best existing brands.
The stabilized system and the characteristics of the DayCor® camera enable high speed flight and remote detection of corona.
DayCor® ROM is a top notch system due to the selection of cameras which are incoproated in a gyro stabilized payload. This system provides high resolution images and videos that are most appropriate for reports.
UV sensitivity of 3x10-18 watt/cm2 coupled with rapid optical zoom and auto focus enables reliable detection and capture of distant corona emission, and of moving targets without smearing the output image.
DayCor® ROM can accommodate for concurrent IR and UV inspection cameras.
Istallation is easy and fast, adjustable to most vehicle makes. Supplied with an installation kit and detailed instructions.



  • Set for high speed inspection
  • Rapid X25 optical zoom of the visible channel
  • Auto focus of the UV and Visible channels
  • Control & display unit (CDU)
  • Set for hyper spectral inspection
  • Digital video recording and storage
  • High resolution 8.4" LCD
  • UV events counter
  • Reporting software - multilingual
  • Accessories: GPS, Title Editor
  • Payload is fit for nose or belie installation or any other desired configuration on most helicopters


  • Perfect for long distance and remote inspection
  • Extended yet comfortable working hours
  • Immediate results with playback of the captured findings
  • Multi system inspection streamlines inspection procedures and reduces manpower costs
  • Accurately pinpoints sources of: audio noise, radio/TV interference, micro arcing, corona and arcing
  • Fly in a safe distance and high speed without missing coronas


  • Corona, being an intermittent phenomenon with typical repetition rate, is tricky to observe. The faster you fly the greater is the chance to miss a problematic spot. Scanning at lower speed yields more detailed information but the covered distance will decrease. The DayCor(® ROM is the solution for it is sensitive enough to allow high speed inspection.
  • Safety—with the DayCor ROM a safe inspection is guaranteed due to its special optics that enables reliable inspection from a distance of more than 50m.
  • Hovering with a helicopter involves helicopter's power; load, air density etc. DayCor® ROM ensures low systems weight and extended mission endurance.
  • To make the best of airborne inspection recorded videos are necessary. It is always surprising to retrieve unnoticed things while flying. The DayCor ROM provides high resolution, full VGA standard video friendly MPEG1 format.



DayCor® ROMpact

DayCor® ROMpact is an OEM imager fit for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), for small gimbal payloads etc. The compact dimensions make ROMpact an ideal component for small aircrafts and for, UAVs.
ROMpact OEM imager incroporates DayCor's core technology and is therefore fit for high speed flight and remote detection of corona.


  • Set for high speed inspection
  • Auto focus of the UV and Visible channels
  • Digital video output
  • UV events counter
  • Bi-Spectral solar blind UV-Visible
  • Remotely operated


  • Light weight and compact dimension
  • OEM component, adaptable to cusotermers' configurations
  • Accurately pinpoints sources of: audio noise, radio/TV interference, micro arcing, corona and arcing