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Access Frontier Technologies Pte Ltd Singapore was established in 1999 and is engaged in providing high quality equipment / system such as Power System, Test & Measurement and Satellite/Digital Microwave Radio equipment for telecommunication applications and manufacturing. Besides equipment, we are also a major electronic components distributing house. Our objective is to serve the customers closer by having branch offices in the Asia Pacific Region such as Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan and the Philippines.

Access Frontier's sales strategy is to offer its customer high quality, cost-effective products and services that is geared to their market requirements. AFT selectively works with quality vendors for its product to meet the individual customer's need. One of our strategic alliances, Farnell Components UK based, in which Regional office/hub is in Singapore with stocks availability up to 300,000 products for immediate dispatch to customers in Indonesia and the Philippines.

Access Frontier has a complex range of power products with advanced technology designs from battery, power supply, UPS and rectifier under the brands of Enersys and TDK-Lambda, and Emerson.

Competent consulting, friendly service, reliable support and efficient logistics are just a few of the important factors contributing to AFT's expansion. It also offers a team of service technicians, available to assist customers with queries about product features and solutions. Close contact to the producers of basic technologies and the resulting purchase of their components at reasonable prices has led to AFT's success.

All these factors combined made AFT one of the leading distributors of Power System, Electronic components and Satellite/Digital Microwave Radio related equipment. Choose AFT as your future competent partner and expect the best available sales, marketing, and after sales.